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Outstanding design award 4 years in a row. Best auto care brand award of 2021. Lazy Waxing is a completely people-oriented value brand.

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If you are a busy worker and a car lover. You have to be an excellent time saver. My colleague Gregor is a car lover like me and introduced me to this product. I just took 10 minutes and polished my car. The result is a sparkling Focus Rs for 3 months.

Lowel T.

My son and I clean our car on the weekends and we love going on family outings. I saw this practical product and immediately bought it. Instead of those tiring heavy machines and hours of cleaning, I get better results in just 10-15 minutes. Thanks :)

Frank R.

I have a black car with a lot of scratches and the sun has matted it. In response on social media, I was told that this is the best quality and most suitable product. I bought one to try and it cleared up the scratches. Thank you very much, it also polished my car.

Aaron S.